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From word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews, more people in the San Diego, Sdsu area are finding their way to Jassie’s Nail Lounge! Book your next appointment  with San Diegos top nail salon, online.


Amazing job 👏 clean sweet environment



 Jassie is a great nail tech! Super chill , will listen to what you want . Great vibe in her space. I love her doing my nails. Have had her do my lashes before and she was great in her beginning stages of learning and is now even better ! Recommend her always !


I love both nail techs it’s nothing but good vibes when I go in. Their skill is undeniable and talent limitless. I’ve never left with a set I didn’t like


Found her from a post on Facebook and fell in love! All of those extremely intricate or beautiful nails you see on Pinterest or insta- she can do- and the price isn't bad at all for it. I'd had this certain nail look in mind and every nail salon tried and failed or straight up said they didn't do those types of nails. Jassie educated me on the type of nails that they were (incapsulated) and made them a reality for me! I got soooooo many compliments from friends and at work because they had never seen something like it before! I always tell everyone if you want something just like the picture you have to go to jassie!

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